Unleashing your creativity is the greatest spark of life that will empower you to tap into your true self.

Unleashing your creativity is the greatest spark of life that will empower you to tap into your true self.
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You are an artist who wants to break your boundaries.
You are a dedicated mother in need of a magical moment solely focused on you.
You are retired and ready to realize a lifetime of dreams on a canvas.
You are an individual who wants to connect with their ingenuity deeply.
You are a parent who wants to foster your child’s playful imagination.

Everyone is encouraged to step into this studio. All you need is a curiosity to connect with your creativity and self truly.

a Creative Calling
Every person, I believe, is a creative force, and my calling is to show how to catch your lightning in a jar.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Zohar. It’s Hebrew for light and splendour, which I see in every person. I’d like to invite you into the intuitive art process, where you are guided to non-verbally tap into all five senses to unearth what’s speaking to you at this time. Like you, I’m an artist. I studied art and earned my Bachelor’s of Education from Hamidrasha. Regarded as a leading institution in art instruction, which nurtures and encourages fresh, groundbreaking approaches to every artistic medium. Teaching art to adults and children is my profound honor, pleasure and passion. After years of artistry and engaging in thousands of instruction hours, I forged a unique approach called The Intuitive Art Beat System where we learn a method and then harness your mood. My commitment is to cultivate your artistic genius on the canvas.

My job is to remove creative blocks and guide you to break free with limitless expression. I will encourage you to focus on your present and experience the most profound ‘aha’ moments of your life as you open the door to your artistic gifts.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

The Journey

I’ve been a student of art all my life. When I graduated from art school, after being in my head for so long, I was exhausted and couldn’t create from an authentic place. To break my own barriers, and re-discover my flavour of creativity, I used the intuitive art process. It started the most important chapter and work of my life.

What is the intuitive art beat process?

To flourish is ultimately what we want in life. Experience the exquisite joy of creating unimaginably authentic beautiful art and learn about yourself along the way.

Each class will begin with learning an art technique, and then you get to dive deep into your intuition. You get to set aside rules with glee, explore who you are, let go of unhelpful rigid conventions, break new ground with a brush and canvas. Delight in a lovely group atmosphere, where together, you will create your own intriguing, one-of-a-kind piece. With thousands of creations in the mix, I can attest that no piece is ever the same. Every art creation has only one point of view: yours. It’s a guaranteed fascinating journey.

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It opens the doors, plugging into the emotional flow comes as soon as you start mixing the colors.

Anat Tweig

“I had the great pleasure of being in Zohar’s “Intuitive Painting” class, while she was working in Boulder, CO. She brought her great insight, her warm and supportive nature, her artistic skills and a heart full or dedication to the process. I learned a lot about myself in the course of the artistic work that we did. Zohar is a wonderful one for bringing out the latent creativity in anyone, even a visual-arts cripple like me!

“Quality time with yourself, new excitement every week… Sensing and touching your inner self, bringing it out into the air… Really seeing yourself, and not in a mirror… Enjoying discoveries about yourself, self-expression only you can create, in an unusual, empowering experience…
My weekly shot of energy!”

“Zohar gives you a sense of home, warmth and openness. Taking part in her workshop is a pleasure. Her warm welcome draws you in with its positive energies. it’s two hours of total fun that detaches you from the whole day. It’s soul therapy, through a combination of art and music. And the art is created from a very deep inner voice, stemming from the heart, not the head.”

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