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Poetry writing workshop


$80.00 $72.00

Poetry writing workshop

In this three-hour poetry workshop, Abby will facilitate a series of themed writing exercises that will inspire exploratory poetry and enable a break from the daily grind and our busy lives.

The workshop will focus on:

* Connecting with your self through intuitive writing to unleash a stream of consciousness thoughts and ideas.
* Letting go through diverse exercises of free-flowing writing.
* Feeding your curiosity through teaching various poets and their poetry.

About Abby:

Dr. Abby Wener Herlin is a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Education from UBC where she teaches. A poet who is passionate about the power of writing. She sees writing as not only an expression of the mind but rather, a braiding of the mind, body, and heart. She sees writing as revealing what causes the heart to beat, yearn, and sing. She is a proud mother of two young sons, David and Seth.

Kindly bring a notebook and your favorite utensil to write with.

Early birds registration gets 10% off till July 10th

July 23rd 6:30 - 9:30 pm

$80.00 $72.00