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Intuitive Painting class


Intuitive Painting class

Intuitive art workshops use the small-group format. Participants attend weekly meetings or a one-time workshop. The artist facilitator’s role is to build a secure enabling place for everyone, to match each one’s personal ability – to help them create an inner dialogue, with moments of joy, free of everyday worries and thoughts.

It’s a splendid tool for recapturing the ability to create, without judging or negative thinking, in every aspect of life.

In intuitive art workshops, we let participants have a presence:

To listen to voices, music, breathing, to their inner rhythm, and colors

To hold a non-verbal dialogue with unconscious levels, and create from a primary place.

To access the childlike, joyful place that brims with imagination.

To banish self-criticism.

To express their selves with authenticity and to lovingly accept all their artwork.

Join us for a 6 weeks ongoing class, you can join anytime. all Materials are included.

Just register and wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty with.

Let’s Have fun


Friday 10:00-12:00

Tuesday 4:45-6:45 pm

Tuesday 7:00-9:00 pm

Wednesday 4:45-6:45 pm

Wednesday 7:00-9:00 pm