“Once introduced to intuitive art, people are able to return to that same place which I found again, and from where I work and create”

Intuitive art is a process of unconscious creativity, flowing from an inner-sensory-experiential place. Created naturally and fleetingly, it cannot be defined in words while it occurs, since it is self-generated.

Intuitive art encourages our inner artist to discard logical, analytical and thinking tools…to try and access the void – the primal, childlike place, where we once drew and experienced the world naturally. To return to the time when we sensed events in their full strength, without divisions separating us from the world. A time when we loved, hated, were angry, hugged, kissed, shouted, and laughed in a transitory, authentic way – unafraid.

Intuitive art lets us create like a “stream of consciousness” text. we are free from doubt or a dictated syntax, we feel without analyzing. Intuitive art workshops use the small-group format. Participants attend weekly meetings or a one-time workshop. The artist-facilitator’s role is to build a secure enabling place for everyone, to match each one’s personal ability – to help them create an inner dialogue, with moments of joy, free of everyday worries and thoughts.

It’s a splendid tool for recapturing the ability to create, without judging or negative thinking, in every aspect of life. Over the years I’ve learnt that self-expression through art renews people’s capacity to act from confidence and inner knowledge years before “our adult side” starts constraining and judging.

In intuitive art workshops, we let participants have a presence:

To listen to their voices,breathing, to listen to their inner music, rhythm and colors.

To hold a non-verbal dialogue with unconscious levels, and create from a primary place.

To access the childlike, joyful place that brims with imagination.

To banish self-criticism.

To express their selves with authenticity and to lovingly accept all their artwork.

What’s needed is just YOU.

Once your registration is confirmed, simply come to the studio. Park any concerns. Have a warm cup of tea and together we’ll set free your original inspiration. All materials are included.

Zohar Hagbi
Intuitive Painting Instructor

Hi. I’m Zohar Hagbi, a creative artist and art teacher

Qualified to teach Plastic Arts, with a B.Ed. degree in art teaching. I have over 10 years of experience in facilitating intuitive art workshops, in Israel and elsewhere.

Art has always attracted me. As a child, I painted and sculpted constantly and intuitively: I sketched, painted in oils, acrylic, and watercolour, and made papier maché and clay sculptures. Studying art in high school and college was the natural outcome.

But years of theoretical and applied art studies dulled my inspiration. The once spontaneous dialogue with my creative surroundings came to an end. I couldn’t create from my “inner Zohar kernel”, that absorbed experiences, and used colours, forms and materials to express what my senses showed me.

The ever-present background to studying art – thinking about rules, criticism, and what’s “right and wrong” – had a similar effect. I felt extinguished, unable to create and advance – and that’s what led me to the desire to teach art differently.

After graduating, I travelled, tasted new sensations and scenes, and wholeheartedly enjoyed every new experience encountered. I returned to painting, this time authentically, having understood the power of intuitive art.

I started putting together workshops for intuitive art, fine-tuned my teaching methods, and created a fresh teaching format.

My aim was to bring as many people as possible back to their simple, innocent origins – with less thinking, and more delight and pleasure in making art.

As an artist and teacher, I’m convinced that art is a tool for unleashing creativity, for a true dialogue with life. Art can empower us; it mirrors our emotions in a non-verbal, less rational way.

I truly believe in the forces of intuitive creativity and its positive impact on our lives.

Art in general – intuitive art more particularly – returns us to the most primal, innermost places. In my workshops, participants undergo dynamic processes in a comfortable, safe setting. Many report a return to innocence, a renewed joy in living. They learn to share, to be authentic with themselves, their families, friends and work colleagues, and to improve their endeavours in every aspect of life.

Once introduced to intuitive art, people are able to return to that same place which I found again, and from where I work and create.

Join us on this wonderful journey!

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